The most important and valuable asset to ECCS is our staff. The majority of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years. Staff is trained in Infant/Child CPR as well as Emergency First Aid. We are constantly improving ourselves with continuing education through workshops and seminars. You can feel confident that your child is being cared for by the most loving, nurturing and experienced personnel.


 And the Winner is:

12/12 - Alexander Lenat-#354

12/11 - Pepere Bourque-#545

12/10 - Jennifer Peykar-#650

12/9 - Midge Haramis-#57

12/8 - Allison Beckley - #872

12/7 - Marlene Westhelle-#760

12/6 - Victoria Morales-Leventis-#779

12/5 - Joanne Scalpello-#1015

12/4 - Marlene Westhelle-#760