The most important and valuable asset to ECCS is our staff. Many of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years. Staff is trained in Infant/Child CPR as well as Emergency First Aid. We are constantly improving ourselves with continuing education through workshops and seminars. You can feel confident that your child is being cared for by the most loving, nurturing and experienced personnel.




Monday 10/24- Leanne Belen

Tuesday 10/25- Byron Soufay

Wednesday 10/26- Oxx Family

Thursday 10/27- Lauren McGuire

Friday, 10/28 - Valenti

Saturday, 10/29 -Vera Dankiewicz        

Sunday, 10/30 - Brian Bourke      

Monday, 10/31-Maureen Alaimo

Tuesday, 11/1- Mary Ann Nevitt

Wednesday, 11/2- Maureen Alaimo

Thursday, 11/3- Adam Marrakchi

 Friday, 11/4- Joanne Connelly

Saturday, 11/5 - Blanche Finale

Sunday, 11/6- Joe Verderese

  Monday, 11/7- Bonnie Valenti

Tuesday, 11/8- Joseph Menendez

Wednesday, 11/9- Uncle Frank (Verderese Family)

Thursday, 11/10- The Mara Family

Friday, 11/11- Ms. Anita

Saturday, 11/12 - Jeff Allison

Sunday, 11/13 - Kerri Allison

Monday, 11/14- Juliana Khouri

Tuesday, 11/15- Maggie Falkenstern

Wednesday, 11/16- Erica Mircovich

Thursday, 11/17- Kays Family

Friday, 11/18- Mousa Khouri

Saturday, 11/19- Donna (ECCS)

Sunday, 11/20- Koch/Murphy Family

Monday, 11/21- Larry Temple

 Tuesday, 11/22- Miguel Pagan

Wednesday, 11/23- Franco Musarra

Thursday, 11/24- Siobhan Kerley

Friday, 11/25- Elizabeth Koch

Saturday, 11/26- Daniela DeSantis

Sunday, 11/27- Michal Porat

Monday, 11/28- Jeri Sinniq

 Tuesday, 11/29- Kerri Allison

Wednesday, 11/30- Lesia Dankiewicz

Thursday, 12/1- Rob Ullman

Friday, 12/2- Donna Brown

Saturday. 12/3- Colleen Cerbasi

Sunday, 12/4- Amanda Bregoff


 We have limited space for our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes.

Call or email for more information!

Julie Gjekaj (201) 768-3207 or JulieGjekaj@eccschildcare.org